Pistol Carbine Shotgun

Basic Handgun

The first step to being able to effectively utilize a handgun for self defense is understanding the fundamentals of weapon functionality and safe handling practices. This one day class will spend the first half focusing on safety, weapon function and basic gun handling skills. The second half of the day will introduce the student to live fire drills that build on the concepts learned during the morning session.

Basic Tactical Pistol

This one day course introduces the student to Defensive Pistol Craft and focuses on weapon deployment from the holster. It is designed to enhance and broaden the skills of individuals already competent in the basic operation of their pistol.

Intermediate Tactical Pistol

This one day course builds on the skills learned in Tactical Pistol. The difficulty level of shooting problems will be raised forcing the student to demonstrate a good grasp of the basics while challenging the student to operate outside their comfort zone.

Vehicle Tactics Pistol

This two day course is designed to introduce the student to the realities of fighting in and around vehicles. Students will be expected to be competent with their primary weapon; therefore, emphasis will be placed on how to prevail when other than ideal conditions exist. This will be a fast paced, physically demanding course. THIS IS NOT A BASIC COURSE. Secondary/backup weapons are recommended.

Pistol CQB

This one day course is designed to introduce the student to the skills necessary to fight in close proximity to a threat. In addition to skills for the lone operator, you will be introduced to concepts relating to team movement & entry into rooms/buildings.

Team Tactics

This one day course will teach students how to operate in one of the most common sized elements, the 2-man team. Whether in law enforcement operating with a partner, in your home with your spouse, family member or roommate, or out in public with a friend, you will learn how to effectively engage and neutralize threats while acting in concert with a teammate. We will start with the 2-man element and work into operating as a 4-man unit.


This course is intended to educate the student with regards to legal and tactical issues that may arise when one legally carries a concealed firearm. This course IS NOT a shooting course. The student is expected to be proficient with their chosen pistol(s) prior to this course. Following a lecture in the morning, students will shoot a PASS/FAIL qualification course of fire. Upon successful completion of the qualification COF, student(s) will be presented with a certificate of completion that must be forwarded (by student(s)) to the respective sheriff office for addition to their CCW application file. This course meets the training requirements of the San Mateo County Sheriff.