Where are classes held?

Most classes are held at the Field Sports Park (Metcalf range), on the multi-purpose range, in San Jose. The Field Sports Park is located at 9480 Malech Rd, San Jose.

What are the requirements to attend a course?

Each course has its own prerequisites. Prerequisites for any given class are listed along with a description of the course under Classes.

How do I register for a class?

Simply fill out the registration form and send a check for the full amount of the course as specified in the description of the course desired.

Can I challenge the prerequisites?

Prerequisites are in place to ensure a common level of skills/experience so the class can move along at its intended pace. We do not "dumb down" our courses for those who are not up to speed. Prerequisites allow some amount of filtering of those who may not be up to the level of the course. If the instructor has prior knowledge of a shooter´s experience/competence level, the student can forgo the technical prerequisite based on a "demonstrated proficiency".

Is there a lunch/dinner break?

Formal breaks for lunch/dinner are usually not taken. It is recommended that you bring snacks and water/drinks. There are natural breaks throughout the day to keep properly fed and hydrated.

Are certificates awarded for successful completion?

Certificates of Completion are awarded all students who successfully complete the course.

Are there any "hidden" costs (e.g., range fees)?

All costs and fees are contained in the cost of the course, unless explicitly specified otherwise.