Location: Field Sports Park, 9580 Malech Rd, San Jose 95138
Time: 0800-1200 (lecture room) 1200-1600 (multi-purpose range)
Cost: $225.00
Range Fee: $25.00
Contact: Jeff

Course Description

This course is intended to educate the student with regards to legal and tactical issues that may arise when one legally carries a concealed firearm. This course IS NOT a shooting course. The student is expected to be proficient with their chosen pistol(s) prior to this course. Following a lecture in the morning, students will shoot a PASS/FAIL qualification course of fire. Upon successful completion of the qualification COF, student(s) will be presented with a certificate of completion that must be forwarded (by student(s)) to the respective sheriff office for addition to their CCW application file. This course meets the training requirements of the San Mateo County Sheriff.

Required Equipment

Semi-auto pistol & 1 magazine, or revolver
Note: You will need to qualfy with each firearm listed on your ccw application
36 rounds of pistol ammunition
Eye and ear protection
Valid picture ID

Recommended Additional Equipment

Hat or head covering
Note taking materials (pen and paper)
Personal water supply
Extra magazines (semi-auto)/speed loaders (revolver)