Welcome to Alpha Dog Tactical....

Here are some thoughts on my training philosophy... "Only perfect practice makes perfect. You do not have to agree with everything being taught. Look at every skill, philosophy, technique with a critical eye. Does it make sense? Is it doable under stress? Does it work for me? Just make sure to give new ideas an honest try in order to be able to make a truly informed decision on the merit of said idea."

I believe in the building block model of skill development. One must master the basic skills onto which more advanced concepts can be stacked. One must continually train in the basic skills in order for those skills to become second nature. Once basic skills are engrained, we can focus our brain power on the more difficult tactical issues at hand.

I focus not only on the physical skills of weapons manipulations, but also on the mental skills necessary to successfully navigate a deadly force encounter. What you say and how you say it can be as important as what you do.

I continually stress repetition of proper technique as critical to building the basic skills into our 'muscle memory'. If you have the opportunity to practice a skill properly, take it. It will only add to the total repetitions necessary for a skill/technique to become second nature. I am a perpetual student, continuously taking additional training to keep my skills up to date and to evaluate contemporary training. I typically take 2-4 multi-day courses per year to keep my skills honed and current.