Vlad and Marina Butsky

On February 22, 2013 we lost our dear friends Vlad and Marina. Since we met in 2009, they have been friends of ours on and off the range. They can be best described as very genuine, caring, and beautiful people. They came to the United States in December 1999 from a charming city in Ukraine named Poltava. Along with their two daughters, they found their new home in San Jose, California. In their words "it's arguably the best place in the world!"

The Butsky family has a passion for photography and home movies. You would always see Vlad with his Go Pro Camera, or his Canon 7D. They loved traveling, camping and backpacking. They said California gave them a chance to explore gorgeous mountains, beautiful caves, deep green forests and the mighty Pacific Ocean.

In remembrance of Vlad and Marina I'd like to share a quote from their website - "We always carry with us our photo and video equipment, just in case there is something beautiful to record. And there is always something to record..."

Let us always appreciate the days that we live here, and remember, try to capture something beautiful every day...

~ Darren Wong & Alpha Dog Tactical