Vehicle Tactics Carbine

Location: Field Sports Park (utility range), 9580 Malech Rd, San Jose 95138
Time: 0800-1600
Cost: $500.00
Range Fee: $40.00 ($20.00/dday)
Contact: Jeff

Course Description

This two day course is designed to introduce the student to the realities of fighting in and around vehicles. Students will be expected to be competent with their primary weapon; therefore, emphasis will be placed on how to prevail when other than ideal conditions exist. This will be a fast paced, physically demanding course. THIS IS NOT A BASIC COURSE. Secondary/backup weapons are recommended.

Skills Covered (but not limited to)

Basic functions and safety
Loading/unloading/malfunction clearing
Weapons transitions
Positional shooting/use of cover/non-traditional shooting positions
Supported and unsupported shooting positions
Tactical movement in and around vehicles/vehicle egress
Vehicles as cover/concealment
Shooting out of, into, and around vehicles

Required Equipment

Primary weapon (carbine) and 3 magazines (min)
800 rounds ammunition for primary weapon
Tactical sling for carbine
Eye and ear protection

Recommended Additional Equipment

Secondary/backup weapon and 2 magazines (min)
Holster and magazine pouches secondary/backup weapon
100 rounds ammunition for secondary weapon
Magazine pouches or tac vest for carbine magazines
Optical sight (EOtech, Aimpoint, ACOG, etc)
Hat or head covering
Note taking materials (pen and paper)
Personal water supply
Snacks/bag lunch (we do not break from the range for lunch))
Knee and elbow pads


Completion of Intermediate Tactical Carbine


Prior approval based on demonstrated competency