Long Range Carbine/Rifle

Location: Field Sports Park (utility range), 9580 Malech Rd, San Jose 95138
Time: 0800-1600
Cost: $200.00
Range Fee: $25.00
Contact: Jeff

Course Description

This one day course is intended to give the student the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully engage and hit targets out to the maximum effective range of their weapons. It will expose the student to three elements of long range shooting; cartridge ballistics, functionality of the rifle and optics, and the skills needed to make that single, critical, first shot at distance. In addition to slow fire precision shooting, the student will be introduced to dynamic engagements at unknown and varying ranges. Minimum engagement distances will be at 50 yards, and extend out to 200 yards.
Note: We do not break for lunch, however, there are natural breaks during the day to eat and hydrate.

Skills Covered (but not limited to)

Basic functions and safety
Equipment selection
External ballistics
Natural point of aim
Basic marksmanship skills
Positional shooting (prone, sitting, kneeling, standing)
Range estimation
Precision vs dynamic shooting

Required Equipment

Carbine/rifle capable of accurate hits out to 200 yards (1.5 moa)
300 rounds ammunition
Extra magazines (if appropriate)
Eye and ear protection

Recommended Additional Equipment

Magnified/optical sight

Bipod/sand bag
Spotting scope
Hat or head covering
Note taking materials (pen and paper)
Personal water supply
Snacks/bag lunch (we do not break from the range for lunch))
Knee and elbow pads